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“Nature has always been an integral part of my art.  Legend and myth appear out of the landscape and present themselves to us.  My paintings show what is real in energy, what is present in spirit.  Dancing lines, layers, shapes and colors are illuminated when I touch them to the canvas, they go where they want; I am the messenger only.”


Dhira's paintings exalt both her relationship to a spiritual realm and her connection to the natural world; these bonds were formed at a very young age.  She grew up in Hawaii with her bare feet on the ground, surrounded by the ocean with its deep waters and changing tides.  Spending most days viewing the world from the top of a mango tree, she was given a rich perspective.

Dhira's creative curiosity was nurtured by her artist mother and the Waldorf School she attended.  A painter herself, Dhira's mother recognized her daughter's artistic proclivities and provided her with materials and support.  This encouragement allowed Dhira to develop her distinct style of visual art.  Pouring over pictures in books, Dhira was fascinated by the element of light and was endlessly curious about how she could create luminosity on canvas.

Being self taught is one of the features of Dhira's art that continues to make it uniquely recognizable.  By the age of 18, Dhira had decided that she would dedicate herself to being an artist.  Rather than endeavoring to create a preconceived notion from the mind, she became wholly focused on allowing images to evolve without trying to control the ultimate result.  She committed to her chosen path by painting long hours every day, operating under the philosophy that consistent work and experience would be her best source of professional development.  By 19, she had created her first gallery showing.

After being called to leave Hawaii and widen her horizons, Dhira traveled on the US Pacific Coast and ultimately settled in Oregon.  Wherever she went, the art went with her, and her relationship to the process  became more and more fluid.  Her walls were overflowing with new images.

When Dhira's first husband came into her life, her artistic career blossomed; their union gave birth to a business and a beautiful daughter.  Together the couple expanded the reach of Dhira's art into a wide array of showings, events, and live painting performances.  They were continually inspired by people's strong responses to the art and felt a responsibility to share what they realized to be a powerful healing medium.

In 2010, the tragic and unexpected passing of her husband changed the landscape of Dhira's world and her artistic career.  She turned to painting, consciously becoming a conduit for receiving and facilitating deep healing.  After several years in the studio, and a wave of new blessings and love in her life, Dhira has emerged with a new body of work.  Her paintings gracefully command one to look deeper, feel more, and recognize the joy and lightness of being.  

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